SelfGem™ DIY Tooth Gem Kit | Create your own style & shine!

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Enchant your smile and shine even more with our DIY Tooth Gem Kit ✨

Are you ready to add a sparkling change to your look? With our DIY Tooth Gem Kit you can create a special look that fully reflects your style.
These Swarovski tooth gems give a subtle but striking twist to your smile, giving you a unique, distinctive look that emphasizes your personality. It is not just an addition to your look, but a statement that sets you apart from the rest.

Trendy and easy to use from home 🏠

We know how valuable time and money can be, especially when it comes to your own style. With our kit you can easily apply the latest trend of tooth gems, without spending a fortune or spending hours with a stylist.

At home, at your own pace, you can bring your personal style and creativity to life with our simple instructions.

Everything you need 💁‍♀️

No more hassle searching for the right materials. Our kit includes everything you need, from high-quality materials to a step-by-step guide. Don't worry about safety; every part has been carefully tested and found safe for your comfort and convenience.

Sustainable and beautiful results 🍃

Imagine: a radiant smile that not only makes an immediate impression, but also continues to shine for a long time. With our Tooth Gem Kit you can enjoy lasting results that can last up to a year. Grow your confidence as you shine with this long-lasting addition to your look.

Let your personality and self-confidence shine 🌞

It is not just a change in appearance, but a boost to your self-confidence. Discover the freedom of expression and embrace your own style with this striking addition to your look!
Our Tooth Gem Kit not only gives a sparkling look to your smile, but also strengthens your self-confidence. Listen to what Claire, one of our satisfied customers, has to say:
"I was amazed by the effect of the Tooth Gem Kit. Not only has it improved my smile, but it has also given my self-confidence a huge boost. I feel great and now shine with my unique style. Thank you for this great experience!"

Ready to create your radiant smile? Discover our DIY Tooth Gem Kit and let your personality and self-confidence shine! ✨

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Why choose SelfGem?

Create your own style

With the SelfGem DIY Tooth Gem Kit you can completely personalize your look. Choose from a range of beautiful tooth gems in different colors and designs to create a style to suit any occasion. Be the eye-catcher and let your personality shine.

Easy to apply

Thanks to the user-friendly application method, you can effortlessly apply the tooth gems to your teeth. This kit contains all the supplies and materials you need.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions and experience how easy it is to transform your smile into something extraordinary.

Painless & non-invasive

The SelfGem Tooth Gem kit is completely safe and harmless to your health. For example, the disinfectant glue and adhesive glue have been tested and certified. This way you can painlessly place the dental jewelry on your teeth.

The tooth gems are also made of lead-free and high-quality crystal glass without sharp edges. This means it will not pose a risk to your health when worn or even accidentally swallowed.

Long lifespan

Our tooth gems are designed to stay firmly on your teeth, even during everyday activities such as eating and drinking. Enjoy your radiant smile for a long time, knowing that the tooth gems will stay firmly in place. With proper placement and care of the dental jewelry, they can even last up to a year!

Safe & tested

The SelfGem Tooth Gems are specially made for use on teeth and are safe and non-harmful. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards so as not to damage tooth enamel.

In addition, they can be easily removed by the dentist without leaving any residue.

Advantages We Stylist
Time saving
Can be used from home
Without an appointment
Safe & tested
Inhoud Beschrijving
Tooth Gems Worden geplaatst op de tanden. Gemaakt van loodvrije kristalglas van Swarovski.
Wang haak Voor het uitzetten van de wangen en het fixeren van de lippen.
Bond (Hechtingslijm) Hechtingslijm specifiek voor de (natuurlijke) tanden.
Etch (desinfectielijm) Lijm voor het reinigen van de tanden voor een optimale hechting.
Waxpotlood Voor het oppakken en plaatsen van de tandjuwelen.
4x Aanbrengstoker Stokers voor het aanbrengen van de Etch en Bond.
4x Katoenen rol Voor het fixeren van de lippen tijdens het aanbrengen.
UV-lampje Voor het uitharden van de Bond na het plaatsen.
Handleiding Uitgebreide instructies en stappen voor het aanbrengen van tandjuwelen.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

What do others think?

These tooth gems have really taken my smile to the next level. I feel more confident and receive more compliments. It's definitely a great investment!


Great kit for a great price. In my opinion, much cheaper and easier than going to the dentist or professional.💯👍

- Merel Koets

Gave it a chance and tried it out. The chamois are really radiant, especially in the sun this summer. Get a lot of compliments😍.

-Shayma Yamna

Nice idea and nice dental jewelry. Very simple to use and delivered quickly!

- Maxime Bergkamp

I have had tooth gems before through a stylist and I really liked them. I happened to see this kit passing by and wanted new tooth gems again. I am very satisfied with it!

- Dunya1996

I would like to express my appreciation for the good service I received when purchasing these tooth gems. They look trendy and give my smile an extra boost!

-Leila Rodriguez